Monday 28 July 2014 – Giving…

There are many people within our own sphere of reality, suffering, lost, with no belief in their infinitesimal potential and capabilities… Is this ‘bad’… No, it is an opportunity for each of us to realise what we have the capacity to achieve… From the vantage point if this deep struggle though it can be extremely challenging, psycho-emotionally (individually) and socially (collectively) to break these conditioned, cultural habits…

That is where you and I come in (in fact that is where so many of us come in), that is where we are provided through ultimately our own creative processes an opportunity, to give, to share, to grow and expand another’s consciousness by expanding our own… There is so much deep beauty in this world, it is flourishing everywhere, within, without, everywhere… We simply need to switch our focus to what is life promoting, what is love and what connects us, inspires us and leads us to deeper and greater levels of truth, wisdom and being…

When we make life larger than our own, when we genuinely choose to create legacy’s by giving toy others, by lifting others, and by allowing others to flourish, it is one of the greatest feats of spiritual evolution…

My greatest wish is that we all realise some pertinent Universal truths, and one of them is that the entire cosmos and all of its creative power, not only dwells within all of us, it is us, and we are it, in fact it is a truly unified field of consciousness, there is no separation or segregation only oneness…

This is not only poetic, this is reality… SS…

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Monday 14 July 2014 – Shattering what we think we know

Absolutely moving…! Inspiring to say the least… As a collective the majority of us are conditioned by preconceived ideas or beliefs of what is possible or what should be, or how reality presents itself… As a natural byproduct of this process, we become entrenched in a limiting and perpetuating cycle of what we think we know or believe to be true or even possible.

Attached to this is a deeper connection of emotion that we link to these consecutive and habitual thought patterns that cause us to have certain beliefs about certain experiences, people, relationships, etc of our world… These emotional connections move to reinforce strongly these beliefs, hence when we attempt to transform our personal world view or attempt to defy what we previously thought was real we struggle internally both psychologically and emotionally, we often reach a place of difficulty and conflict, also known as cognitive dissonance.

There is nothing ‘wrong’ with any of the conditioned ideas or world views many of us have as a cultural collective or as individuals… What is essential to our growth (at multiple levels and layers) is that we understand that world views, beliefs, ideologies, consequetive and reinforced thoughts are products of our environmental conditioning, interpretation of these experiences and the meaning we then add to these experiences… Some scholars and wise individuals would even call this process our karma. It is then up to us to transform our karma, by transforming our inner state of being and understanding of the manner in which our world flows… SS.

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Wednesday 09 July 2014 – The Labyrinth of Life interview

Please see below an interview with Kelly Sayers from Better Life Book store.

Thank you to Kelly for taking the time to sit with me and speak about this journey… Enjoy the interview.

With Gratitude,


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Thursday 08 July 2014 – Self-education

If we educate ourselves as to what facilitates optimal states of being, we are then propelled in to a status of ‘elite’ and we are empowered to be the best we can be… This status of ‘elite’ or infinite is not a status associated with ego, but rather a recognition of pure potentiality and an expression of our highest potential….

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Thursday 26 June 2014 – Reflective thoughts

Every experience in life serves us – consciously or unconsciously, habitually or creatively… This evolves, grows and changes as we are exposed to new and different experiences, as our preferences, desires, needs, yearnings and social circles evolve so do our ‘soul requirements’… What once served us beautifully, perhaps no longer does… Or perhaps what we thought once served us beautifully no longer does…

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Monday 16 June 2014 – Intelligence


Such an interesting concept. Intelligence has a broad meaning across so many varied facets of life. It is interesting to contemplate what intelligence actually is? There are so many questions that must be queried if intelligence is to be contemplated deeply and meaningfully… Are other attributes and human characteristics automatically a part of the integral make up of what constitutes intelligence? What application does it have? Is intelligence useful or even ‘real’ if it is not expressed or lies dormant? How could we then measure intelligence, and if we are measuring it, does it then assume comparability? And perhaps one of the most pertinent questions: Is intelligence contextual and/or situational?

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Saturday 17 May 2014 – The Stratera Podcast

My good friend Adrian and I had an opportunity to spend some time together two nights ago and speak about some pertinent subject matter. Was very grateful to spend some time with such a unique mind. Check out the Stratera Podcast when you can. Adrian is doing some great things…

In this episode Adrian & I discuss the philosophy and psychology of human movement and exercise. We look at physical exertion from not only a physical but also an emotional, mental and spiritual point of view. Looking into the mind/body connection and how the mental state interacts with the body at a physiological level. We look at resilience building through exercise and how that can then help with other aspects of one’s life. We also look at the role of resistance and the duality in this Universe and how we can use those factors to facilitate transcendence. A wonderful conversation that perhaps left some of the subject matter discussed not expanded upon in greater depth. There is always next time…

Thank you Adrian! :)

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