Monday 20 April 2015 – Consciousness: The nature of reality

What is real, what is not? Are we to solely rely on our physical senses to determine what is ‘real’? If were to only allow our physical senses (taste, sound, touch, visual, auditory) to drive our perceptions and interpretations of reality are we still not limiting the infinite nature of reality? Our senses have limitations, for example without external, we cannot observe atoms, let alone quarks… Are quarks the smallest building block of matter? We (humanity’s understanding in this realm) are yet to confirm this… There is a great teaching here though… This teaching does not revolve round ‘knowing’ or confirming via scientific deduction or methodology if there reduction or expansion has an ‘end point’, but rather understanding our existence from a vantage point of what is infinitely possible.

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Tuesday 07 April 2015 – 5 Questions

Communication with one another is a gateway to understanding self at deeper levels. It is a gateway for greater self reflection, introspection and acquaintance with all aspects of self… It is an opportunity to listen, to hear, to absorb another’s reality and amalgamate that reality in to our own… It is an opportunity to practice intention and attention to another. This is crucial in our own psychosocial, emotional and spiritual development. This practice alone also allows us to be engaged, fully engaged in acts of selfless behaviours that are conducive to the expansion of our spirit and our entire being…

Consider the practice of the 5 questions below, they just may transform your perspective on this wonderful journey known as life… S.Sifandos.

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Saturday 07 February 2015 – The Human Condition – Love, Death, Loss & Gain

Recently a very close friend of mine had experienced what so many experience in their lifetime, but what so many of us are never really prepared for; the physical passing of a loved one. How do we prepare to detach emotionally, spiritually, physically & mentally from what we know to form such a large part of our existence, our world, our reality…? The circumstances of this passing were prolonged, deeply painful on multiple levels and extremely tiring and energetically draining for all involved. On various levels of being, the suffering was deep and the passing from a set vantage point was necessary as many of us would perceive these circumstances to be extremely unfair, painful and not ‘humane’.

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Friday 16 January 2015 – 11 Daily Practices


A new year has turned its tide, how will you embrace your own personal evolution? There are specific practices that one may engage in daily or regularly that lead to a life where one is content, fulfilled and aware of existence in such a profoundly deep manner that empathy, understanding and gratitude are naturally postured. Not only does this occur, but one’s senses are also broadened and consciousness expanded upon…

These are known as daily practices that support the opportunity to query all aspects of life and existence deeply and in an interconnected manner. Below are a number of habitual practices that you may engage in; note, that there are additional habits that can add great benefit to your life, but concentrating on these will be of great assistance in the interim.

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Thursday 01 January 2015 – Statera Podcast Interview

Hi all, I had the pleasure and the honour to once again sit down with my good friend Adrian from the Statera Podcast and be interviewed and deeply converse and contemplate particular facets of our existence. If you feel like taking the time to listen, we would both be grateful. Additionally, we only touch on some pertinent personal and sociocultural issues and any additional insight here would of course be welcomed.

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Saturday 20 December 2014 – Unification

The video embedded below is one of great significance. When we are able to observe the allegory and the parallels draw towards a unifying consciousness from the essence of this short 12 minute video we are embracing what this video is truly about.

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Friday 17 October 2014 – Deeper & Hidden Contemplation

As you watch the video embedded within this article, I would like you to contemplate something deep, something beyond simply observing a very talented individual exhibiting great physical prowess; exceptional bodily control (both within and of an external object); elite ‘fitness’ and conditioning and an array of other attributes that drive this individual forward.

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